Message from the principal

The College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio Security (COVAB) takes pride in being the hub of transformative education products supported by its professional workforce, product innovations and bio-technologies.

COVAB comprises of two schools namely; School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources (SVAR) and School of Bio-Security, Biotechnical and Laboratory Sciences (SBLS). The college is committed to nurturing citizens to become productive, entrepreneurial, job creators, skilled, and with sufficient capacity to transform the existing challenges in the animal resources world into economic and livelihood opportunities.

COVAB offers a number of Undergraduate programs and Graduate programs as you will see through the website links.

Our mission is working in partnership to drive transformative skills, knowledge, technology, innovations, SMEs and service for the continuous improvement of the community wellbeing, production, employment and economic growth. This mission will help us to build healthier wealthier and secure communities.

We are grateful for taking off your time to explore this website and please take time to learn more about COVAB as we continue to focus on advancing major developmental functions and services.

Thank you.

Prof. Frank Mwiine

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