About Us

The College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security (COVAB) is committed to nurturing citizens to become productive, entrepreneurial, job creators, skilled and with sufficient capacity to transform the existing challenges in the animal resources world into economic and livelihood opportunities.

Unlike in 1971, when the primary aim of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) was to produce quality veterinary degree graduates to serve in the state sponsored veterinary departments, today COVAB has made significant strategic changes in order to cope up with the ever changing national, regional and global enevoronment.

The college is elevating the function of bio-security in Makerere University and the region. The justification for COVAB’s undertaking of bio-security as a front-runner lies in the world of animal resources in the natural hideout for most of dangerous germs co-existing with humans and threatenig global economies, health, security and livelihood systems.

With the development of such facilities at COVAB like the Walter Reed Avian Influenza Labaratory, the JICA-MAAIF National Animal Diseases Diagnostic Labaratory, and the Ruth Keesling Centre for Wildlife and Tourism Bio-security, the college is ready to handle the issue of bio-security.

Mission Statement

To drive transformative knowledge, skills, innovations and services for the continuous improvement of society


Healthier, Wealthier and Safer societies through animal value

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