Becoming A New Generation (BANG) Team holds a Sexual Health Workshop at COVAB

On the 15th of August 2019, The Becoming A New Generation (BANG) Team held a Workshop at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resource and Biosecurity. The Eng. Steven Langa led team shared with students about “Sexual Health” and how best Sexuality can be a foundation for a better life and rather not a breaker for life.

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“The 21st Century is for Africa and therefore Africans need to rise up and compete on the world stage. If the current generation doesn’t wake up, Africans will be enslaved on their own continent” said Mr. Langa who continuously reflected on the state of fatherhood in Uganda where 10% of fathers are unaware of the existence of their own children, with 45% aware but no emotional connection with their children, terming this as positioning the country in a critical and unfair system of upbringing children.

This country is struck by inadequate preparation of youths, too much poverty leading to reckless and antisocial behavior such as, domestic violence, reckless sexual behavior and total loss of morals, values and character among people. To address such a situation, Mr. Langa reported that Family Life Network came up with the “BANG” campaign in higher institutions of learning to ensure restoration of ideal Sexuality, family values and morals.

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The students were very much delighted for the BANG Team`s Visit to the college and appreciated the words of wisdom shared throughout the entire workshop. One of the students said that BANG has given her a critical thought and triggered her to think about a life of 30 years from now.