CoVAB elects GRC Members

On 19th April, 2017, CoVAB held a democratic election of Guild Representative Council (GRCs) members in the students’ Guild Office at the college.
The GRC race comprised of eight candidates, of which only four were to occupy this office, with two representing each school at CoVAB.  From the GRC race, the successful candidates were Hon. Rene Ndoyi Gatuya and Hon. Lakor Felix representing the School of Bio-Security, Biotechnical and Laboratory Sciences (SBLS), Hon. Nankya Esther and Hon. Kilama Justine representing School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources (SVAR).

COVABSA elects new President and Speaker
On 2nd May, 2017, the Office of the CoVAB Electoral Commission held a vetting process of candidates aspiring for positions of President and Speaker of College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio- security Students’ Association (CoVABSA). There were three candidates for the presidential post of this Mother Association, namely; Kisitu William, Sembajwe Arthur, and Sewanonda Rogers, and two Speaker aspirants who were Odoi Siriwano and Nantandwe Sauda.  To mention but a few, the candidates were vetted basing on areas of smartness, leadership strategy, expression, and programmatic ideology, which were out of a 10 score and the nominated candidates to have a score above 50%.
Due to the vetting process as stipulated by the CoVABSA Constitution, the Office of the CoVAB Electoral Commission released a report on 3rd May, 2017 stating the nominated candidates, of which all the vetted candidates were successful. The Democratic elections for the above posts were officially held at the College on 5th May, 2017 through which Sewanonda Rogers was the newly elected CoVABSA President and Odoi Siriwano for CoVABSA Speaker.

During the Makerere University 2017 general Guild race, CoVAB also had the honour of having a Guild Presidential aspirant, Isabirye Kenneth after a long period of Seven years.
Mr. Isabirye managed to race against 17 candidates in the run for the guild presidential office.