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BAP 2105: Poultry Health, Production and Management

Course name: Poultry Health, Production and Management

Course code: BAP 2105            Credit unit:    4

Course description

This course introduces the students to aspects of poultry health and how they can be managed and controlled, to enhance production.

Course objective

•    To learn and understand techniques of Poultry health management and disease control

Learning outcomes

On completing the course the student should
•    Have a good understanding of the health concerns of a poultry production unit and constraints of poultry industry in Uganda.
•    Have proficiency in the approaches to alleviate health constraints of poultry production
•    Appreciate the role of poultry industry in Uganda

Course content

Poultry industry in Uganda; The global and regional trends in the poultry industry; Breeding; Origin and domestication of poultry; Types and breeds of poultry; Characteristics of breeds; Poultry housing, nutrition and planning; Factors favourable for poultry production; Establishing poultry farm; Phase production; Production assessment; Rearing systems; General poultry health care and management; Common diseases/ parasites; Brooder management; Record management and cost benefit analysis; and Marketing of poultry/ products

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